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The High Street banks are no longer fit for purpose. We provide free advice on the alternatives.


Our Mission

Just Banking exists for two reasons:

(1) To raise awareness of just how dysfunctional the current banking system is;

(2) To help people and businesses find better banking solutions.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that accepting and transferring money should be simple and uncomplicated.

We believe that bank accounts are a utility. No person or business can function without them. Being refused a bank account is as damaging as being refused electricity, and yet 1.5 million people remain ‘unbanked’ in the UK.

We believe that banks should be responsive to local needs.

We believe that banks should not indulge in speculation or risky activities unless explicitly given permission to do so by the customer.

We believe there aren’t enough banks. The UK is dominated by 5 major High Street banks which account for more than 90% of banking. Germany, by contrast, has hundreds of banks and credit unions account for over 70% of banking.



3 million customers

World-leading fintech company Transferwise is creating a revolution in banking. By mid 2018, it had 3 million customers.




Transferwise manages to save its customers over £2million in bank fees EVERY SINGLE DAY.




Transferwise customers can send and receive money in 47 different currencies, and they operate in 69 countries across the world.


Why Change?

We are 100% convinced that the vast majority of people in the UK have little or no understanding of the current banking and monetary systems.

We also believe that banks take advantage of people by trying to complicate things as much as possible, particularly through the use of jargon.


uk high street banks are insolvent

Their assets are typically less than 14% of their liabilities. This is equivalent to having a £100k mortgage on a house worth £14000.

UK high street banks are out-dated

There is no need for modern banks to have thousands of branches.

UK HIGH STREET banks are dishonest

Since the financial crisis, UK High Street banks have paid out billions of pounds in fines for misleading their customers.

Uk high street banks gamble with your money

Greed caused UK High Street banks to gamble with your money and no risk to themselves.


lord mervyn king

Of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today

Bank for International Settlements / Read Full Article



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