Euro Pacific Bank


This is how banks should be.

Euro Pacific Bank is 100% solvent (most UK banks are barely 8% solvent) and completely removed from any banking scandals. They don’t gamble with your money.

Their current accounts are gold-backed. Their customer service is excellent. If you want your money to be secure, Euro Pacific Bank is our recommendation.

Where is Euro Pacific Bank?

Euro Pacific Bank is headquartered in Puerto Rico. It is not available for US citizens.

Why is it so safe?

Not many banks can boast 100% liquidity, 100% deposit ratio and zero loans, so your money is not at risk from the fractional reserve banking system.

EuroPacific Bank also enables it customers to convert cash reserves into gold or silver. If you do this and the price of gold goes up, so does the value of your gold.

The bank is audited by Deloitte.

Why gold?

JP Morgan once said “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” Gold has been the best store of value for centuries. It is the ultimate safe haven. Some people question the value of buying a precious yellow metal and calling it money, but have you ever stopped to consider how bizarre it is to chop down a tree worth £30, pulp it, turn it into paper, run it through a printer and then calling it a million pounds?

The bank’s gold reserves are held by the Perth Mint in Australia.

Other options

EuroPacific customers can also benefit from competitive foreign currency exchange rates and various trading options from within their online dashboard.